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Antibes - June 1

June 1 - Friday - Antibes

This was a day to sort of relax. Late wake up, about 8:30 to a mix of sun and clouds, then out for breakfast on Place General Charles DeGaulle. Lot of walking about town and to the marina after getting cash. It's warm today, but not hot, perfect for walking.

At the marina, lots of yachts for sale, most looking to cost more than our house at least, we took a sightseeing bus through Antibes and then to Juan les Pin and Cap d'Antibes, the French version of the Hollywood Hills, and along the shores.

Then some more walking and lunch. Was going to be a light lunch, but even ordering one 'plat' each, and a drink, which came with toasts and an olive tapenade, it was obviuosly too much. Karen barely finished 1/2 her sandwich and Mike even left over some fries. We met a girl from Australia who now lives n Antibes in the yachting business, which is obviously big business here. She had a 3 month old French Bulldog. So adorable!!

So we then waddled over to the Picasso museum. He lived in Antibes most of his adult life and his workshop was in the Grimaldi Palace (12c). This was a large exhibit of his paintings, ceramics, and sculptures. It is certainly amazing how a guy who drew as he did managed to get himself such a name. But, some of his work does look good, if at times very simple.

Then more walking in the old quarter, a stop in the old market where there were artist's stalls and, of course, we had to pick up some artwork and gifts. We did more walking and relaxing on a bench admiring the beautiful blue Med sea, and soon it was 4pm.

Back to the room to rest, get yesterday's blog sent since last night there was a WiFi problem, wash up and get ready for dinner.

Out for dinner about 6:30. The restaurant next door, a nice Italian with lots of seafood specialities, didn't open until 7:15 so we decided to walk back into old town and ended up on the same square (Place Napolean) as last night but a different restaurant. Tonight was not a pig-out. We shared a salad, they are always huge, Karen got a Tagliatelle with meat sauce and Mike a whole grilled Sea Bass, which came with its own salad anyway and a rice timbale. For dessert we stopped at a real Italian Gelaterria. We ate our Gelati while walking home and ended our day at 9. (We are in France, not Italy even though you wouldn't think so from our meals!). BTW, everyone here speaks English! Try as we might to use our rudimentary French, everyone speaks to us in English. Obviously their English is better than our French.

We never did have time to get to the beach. We thought we might have time this afternoon (our hotel has it's own private beach). But we just enjoyed wandering the old town and strolling the waterfront too much.

All that's left to do is pack and tomorrow we drive to our apartment in Saint Paul de Vence. By the way, it looks like we will have to buy at least on new piece of luggage. The ones we have a re just fine, but they won't fit all the stuff we're buying.

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Antibes - May 30/31 Photos

As usual, doing anything with an iPad, Flickr and trying to blog, plus an intermittent WiFi, is frustrating. SO, one day later, here's the photos. Today's blog, Friday, we'll work on later.


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Antibes - May 30/31 - Wednesday/Thursday

May 30/31 - Wednesday/Thursday - Antibes

Obviously we got here. The BA flights were really nice. We had upgraded to World Traveler Plus and it was well worth it. Bigger seat, more room, separate cabin. Uneventful flight but what came in handy was being AA Platinum and thus able to use our OneWorld status to bypass the lines, and even the security
lines when we got to Heathrow to transit to the Nice flight, though we forgot to do that. At any rate both flights went great. Arrived finally at Nice airport at 2:40pm.

The car rental was a tale in itself, took almost 30 minutes just to find it, and, as usual, they didn't have what we rented. On the other hand they upgraded us to a larger car, a mid sized Peugot. Hopefully it won't have any problems navigating the streets of the little villages we're going to visit. By the way, the GPS in the car is Nigel. Last year she was Bridget.

Took the scenic drive along the Mediterranean to Antibes. Total beach views, not a lot of sandy ones until you reach Antibes, but there sure must be a lot of people with a lot of money here as everywhere you looked there was another yacht moored just off shore.

Got to the hotel at 5, unpacked a bit and then left to walk the old town, shore drive, etc. Finally stopped about 6:45pm for dinner. Karen had her usual pizza with salad, wine and ice cream while Mike had a ton of Mussels, salad, Salmon, Mousse au Chocolat and wine.

After dinner walked some more but by 8pm we were starting to drag. So back to the hotel to shower, blog a bit and get ready for sleep finally.

The weather is great, but the constant rain that weather.com kept threatening us with was non existent. It's 68 or so but with the humidity it feels warmer and the breeze from the sea is cool.

Just a few pictures today below. The Med, and a quaint street in the old town. Enjoy.

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