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June 12 - Tuesday - Another Beach Day

This can get boring in a way. I'm normally an early riser, up at 5am, gym at 5:25am, so in another way this should be a vacation as the alarm is set for 7:30 am.

But it never gets to go off. The sunrises early, about 6:15am (and sets about 9:15pm), but I'm awake with the raucous gulls usually at 4:30 am. I am out of bed by 6 and Karen is up just before the alarm.

It was another typical Cote d'Azur morning. Brilliant blue sky and today not even the hint of a cloud. The temperature was 75, with a slight breeze, and low humidity.

We were on the beach chairs at 9am. Good breeze blowing, but it cools the sun which looks to be hot today.

At noon we decided to move our lazy butts off the chaise lounges and cross over to a restaurant we saw yesterday on the Promenade des Anglais for lunch. Just a simple Pizza Margherita, Moules et Frites, and some wine, and then back to the beach for more laziness. We almost feel guilty about being so lazy but we are glad for the few days of vegging out.

More sun, but finally, at 3:45pm we had had enough. So, back to the house to wash up and go out.

We took a ride on the tourist train, which rides around the old city, up to the Chateau, and then along the Promenade. A pleasant 45 minutes as the afternoon started to cool. There's not much left to the chateau but it's a pretty park with spectulator views of Nice.

Then dinner on Cours Saleya. Mike had spotted a restaurant that had a great selection of Paella's, done however you wanted, so that was our dinner stop. Of course Karen didn't share Mike's enthusiasm for paella and had 1/2 roast chicken.

Mike's paella was perfect, and Karen was able to eat some of the rice and non seafood ingredients. Mike of course was in heaven with all the shrimp, large shrimp, fish, mussels, clams and assorted other crustaceans in it. Pictures below.

While eating we met a couple sitting next to us from Phoenix. He owned a small chain of breakfast restaurants, his wife was Lebanese, her family still lived there and they traveled a lot to visit them.

We left then to check where we had to pick up the bus tomorrow as we're heading for the Matisse and Chagall museums in the Cimiez area of Nice.

By the way, everywhere we went, outside every restaurant and bar, was a big screen TV tuned to the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship with Poland and Russia playing tonight. At the restaurant we ate at, which also has its menu in Russian, there was a big group singing the Russian National anthem as the game started.

Finally, back home, we ate the chocolate mousse cakes we bought the other day, and watched some TV.

Only one more day before we have to leave here. It's been a fantastic trip; we couldn't have asked for better weather. But as usual by the end of the trip, we are also looking forward to getting back home.

Due to our early morning 3:30 am wakeup time on Thursday, tomorrow will be an early evening and we may not blog tomorrow.

We hope you have enjoyed following us as much as we've enjoyed writing up our adventures.

Au Revoir for now,
Mike and Karen

Waiting on the Petite Tourist Train


View of Nice Bay from Castle Ruins


Paella. Delivered piled high on Paelleria pan on stand, but I have already begun filling my plate.
There is so much that it required a larger photo:)


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Mile - I think you better look down and be sure you haven't grown fins. Am sure a nice Texas STEAK will fit the bill when you return.

by JonBattle

Mike and Karen,
Have so enjoyed reading your daily blog, was considering asking if you would continue them when you get home. You can take pictures of your meals here as well as you could in France. Scenic views could be taken from the top of your house. You live in a nice neighborhood. Keep them coming. See you when you come home.

by Mary-Jean

Howdy! Speaking for myself, I think you owe it to your fans and followers one final blog. Yeah, so you have to go to bed early. Early-shmerly! One last blog for all of us, and then you are free to get some needed rest and wake up even before those raucus gulls start their singing.

SAFE TRAVELS. We've enjoyed being with you these last several days.

by Joel

First, thanks Mary Jean for the laugh! Actually I think Mike missed his calling and should be a food, well seafood critic.
One great lesson learned from your stsy in Nice, I'm not staying by the sea as I need my beauty sleep.

by Edie Dutcher

Sun, scenery, sea air and sumptious food look good on both of you! Enjoy all of it before the ho-hum of Plano's sun and rooftops.

by Betsy

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