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June 10 - Sunday - Nice - Le Marche aux Fleurs and Beach

I woke early, about 4:30am, to the screaming of what seemed as if we were in a jungle, but I shortly realized we must be in an aviary. Bird calls all over the place, and not quiet ones. I assume I was able to get back to sleep, though I was up every 30 minutes or so as more birds, which we later, at breakfast, realized must have been seagulls. By 7:30 we were both up.

The sky is a brilliant blue with not a cloud visible, and the patio bathed in sunlight.

A leisurely breakfast, bathing suits on, beach bags full, and we left for the flower market.

It is hard to believe that the flower market was in the same place we ate dinner last night. Gone were the restaurants and thier carefully laid out tables and chairs and in their place were huge umbrellas, long tables, and vendors galore. The flowers are stupendous; plain baskets, elaborate baskets, arrangements of all types and colors. Single flowers and bunches. Stall after stall filled with flowers.

Midway through the area, remember this March aux Fleurs is about 50 feet wide and goes on for many blocks, the scene changes over to a typical, but large, market of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, fish, meat, and the usual jewelry, fabrics, herbs, etc.

We picked up some berries (straw, black and blue) for our breakfasts, got a jar of preserves, sun tan lotion, and headed back to the house to drop it all, though we also stopped at a patissierie to pick up some chocolate layer cakes for dessert one night.

Finally we made it to the beach about 10:15. We actually found a more reasonably priced beach, only 45 Euros for 2 chaise lounges with thick cushions, a table and umbrella, and ended up in a second row of lounge chairs. The first row cannot have umbrellas for 'security', actually safety reason, as the wind tends to lift them out of their stands and can blow them over the other bathers. And you do need an umbrella. But the view from Row 2 was good any way as no one sat in front of us for hours.

We stuck our toes in the water, after gingerly walking on these 4" round rocks to get to it, only 20' away. It's cool, not too cold and will be very welcome after a few hours in the sun. The beach, from your lounge, extends forward about 10 feet, then drops down two feet to a built up brim of more rocks, and then slopes slowly to sea level, about two more feet. The waves come in to the first rising rocks and disappear fast as the water just drops through the spaces between them.

We read our books, Kindle and iPad, as many other sun bathers did, and also noted Nice had a lot more topless bathers too. The breeze off the Med was cool,and the sun, while bright, wasn't too hot, at least not for a few hours.

The private beach has waiters all over offering to bring drinks and light snacks. Lunch was simple delivered to you and set on the small table between the lounges. Tomato and Mozzerella sandwich and a coke for Karen and a Salad Nicoise and bread for Mike. Not expensive as beach service goes, 32 Euros, about $40.

Some time later the wind started to pick up, as did the waves. There was water spray, and then it got windy enough that the first row of people got hit with water spray and left, then they started to collect cushions and umbrellas from chairs that people had left. We felt safe in the 2nd row (ha!). Then the big one hit and everyone from the first row to the third got soaked. Everyone laughed because we all got a big mouthfull of water. Fortunately we had covered up our bags with towels and while we got wet, as did the towels, nothing else did.

There were beach people running everywhere collecting towels and cushions and stacking the plastic chairs, all unused ones, so they would not be blown by the wind.

After it looked like the wind and waves were here to stay we called it quits too. Dried off, cleaned our glasses which by now were fogged with salt spray, licked the salt water off our lips, and headed up to the beach promenade back to the apartment. It was around 3pm by then, so at least we had 4 hrs on the beach.



The Flower Market


Red all over from Tomatos to Peppers


The Beach & Note the rocks


Blogging requires dedication!


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We are so glad you take your blogging to heart and do it even while on the beach. I am surprised the beaches are covered with rocks versus nice white sand. Looks like you were enjoying it anyway.

by Mary-Jean

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