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Biot and St. Paul - Saturday, June 2

Good Day with Stresses

June 2 - Saturday - Biot & St. Paul

As if in premonition the day started by us over sleeping. We didn't set the alarm and when we did wake up it was 10:25. Checkout is 11. Karen no longer can tell Mike she needs an hour plus to get ready. We were washed, dressed and at reception at 11:05.

The first stop was a village called Vallauris, known for its pottery. We got there about noon and had a great lunch, see picture of Mike's Fritto Misto, while Karen had a HUGE chicken salad. We went walking a bit but sadly, to us, the town really wasn't that good looking. The area around the main shopping street wasn't as inviting as most French streets usually are and the housing along many streets was in need of repair. It certainly was not what we were used to seeing in Provence. We left about an hour after lunch to head to Biot, known for its specialty of bubble flecked glassware.

Biot was beautiful. A typical Provencal town that we love. We spent a lot of time there and then found one of the many glassware shops, with its own glass blowing facility next door. Needless to say Karen was in heaven. At first we were going to just ship everything home, but after hearing it would at least cost what we paid we decided buying another piece of luggage for the plane to pack it all in would be much cheaper, and cost nothing to check.

After a gelato break we headed to our house in St. Paul.

Now comes the stress. Besides runniing into a traffic jam that lasted 1/2 hour, the Garmin and Nigel could not get us close to the GPS coordinates we wanted and at one point had us driving out on some country road. Even a lady we stopped who was walking on the road told us we were out in the boondocks.

We redid the Garmin address, which it now appeared to like, and only another 1/2 hour later (we had already been driving for an hour for what should have been a 20 minute drive), we finally found the road we wanted and got to the house.

We dumped the luggage and headed out to the LeClerc market before it got dark, to get our fridge stocked and the usual household stuff you need. Leclerc is packed with people, everyone is tryng to find parking, circlying arouond the parking lot. We finally found one without too much hassle. This place is like a Wal Mart supercenter. Finally, at 7:30, we were settled in and had dinner at 8 before unpacking. We had picked up salad stuff and a roast chicken for our dinner tonight.

As you can see from the pictures the place is beautiful. We'd like to own it.
It's in a private compound at the top of a mountain and overlooks the entire area. It has three different levels, decks, of patio areas as well as a pool, sundeck and a pergola to eat under. The place is decorated fantastically showing very good taste by the British couple who own it.

So, now to watch a bit of TV, all in French, then off to bed. Tomorrow we'll visit the town of St. Paul itself and then Cannes in the afternoon.

We've read all your comments and are glad to see you're enjoying the blog.


Fritto Misto Lunch


Street Scene


Another Street Scene


Glass Shop




Entry & Living Room



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What would it cost to own a place like that? What is that salad - looks like seafood/octo. Is this apartment where you are staying rest of trip? BTW - TV installed and working...amazing !! Keep blogging

by Jon Battle

I had to laugh that you purchase a suitcase to bring back glasses. I've done that so many times. Every city I find myself buying glasses, how many wine glasses can one girl have and like I can't find any inthe US. I have glases from almost every country I've every visited It must be in our DNA :) Love the place. Edie

by Edie

Really enjoying the Blog. Great pictures and narrative. You're missing some great weather in Texas(NOT!). High 90's. Summer is here. Ugh.

by Joel

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